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About Dr. Fischer

Dr. Kenny Fischer – Surgeon
Kenneth “Kenny” Fischer was born in Nebraska, but moved to Manhattan, Kansas at the age of three. Dr. Rex Fischer, his father, was drafted to Fort Riley Kansas from Columbus Nebraska in 1965. After Dr. Rex Fischer’s discharge from the Army, his wife and six children settled in Manhattan, Kansas. During his teen years, Kenny was a good student and an exceptional wrestler. He went to the University of Oklahoma on a wrestling scholarship. Dr. Fischer received many academic awards, as well as “All American” wrestling honors in high school and in college. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma and turning in his wrestling shoes, Dr. Fischer went to medical school at the University of Kansas. He then went to Denver Colorado to study general surgery. . . Read More.

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Is Dr. Fischer Board Certified?

Yes Dr. Fischer is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. It is one of 24 specialty boards recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). It is the only ABMS board that certifies the full realm of plastic surgery.

Does Dr. Fischer prefer saline or silicone breast implants?

He prefers silicone because they look and feel more natural and have less frequent rippling.

How long does a cosmetic consultation last?

It really depends on how many questions the patient has but generally they last around 45 minutes to an hour.

How much does a cosmetic consultation cost?

A cosmetic consultation is $100. It is due the day of the consultation and is applied to the cost of surgery.

Do you offer financing?

Yes we do! Please click here and you will be directed to our options.

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